Benefits of New Baby Care Classes for New & Expectant Moms and Dads

1. More Confident / Less Stressed

It is hard enough preparing for a baby but life changes completely once baby is here. Everything will drive a new parent crazy, questions such as 'is the baby getting enough milk'?...'why won't he stop crying?'...'how can I get the baby to sleep longer at night?' on and so forth. The more you know about baby care in advance, the more confident you will be in understanding and addressing your baby's needs.

2. Enjoy Baby More

Parenting classes help you eliminate much of the worrying (not all of course!) so you have more time to enjoy your baby and the moments that pass so quickly as they grow and go through various milestones. In addition, since you will be in a better position to respond to your baby's needs, you will likely have a happier calmer baby.

3. Smarter Baby

Yes, it is true! Studies show that parents who provide quality care for their baby, create a healthier environment and contribute to the growth and development of the baby. As you may know, babies grow at a rapid rate and their brains are developing fast. An educated parent who is better prepared for newborn care, will be able to contribute more of those 'brain development' activities that are taught in most newborn care education and parenting classes.

For more information on baby care parenting classes for parents, check out ICT Academy's New Baby & Me! Parenting Class - a course for new and expecting moms, dads and grandparents!



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