Is Newborn Care or Baby Nursing a Good Career Choice for Me?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Baby Nurses are becoming increasingly popular but what exactly is a baby nurse and should you become one? Baby Nurses or Newborn Care Specialists help new moms and dads care for their babies after they leave the hospital. Here are some key factors to consider when determining if this is something you should get into.

Love of Babies

If you love small babies and think they're adorable or have a natural affection for infants, baby care may be a serious consideration. Baby Nurses calm, feed, change, bathe and hold babies a lot. In addition they educate new parents and help get babies on a good schedule while monitoring them for any concerns. Some people find it hard to believe that they can make a good living doing what they love.

Flexible Shifts Available including Nights

Baby Nurses can work day, night and even 24 hour shifts. It is totally up to you and your schedule. If you have open availability, you will be able to assist more families. The jobs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months or even years. If you work with an agency, such as More Than A Nanny Agency, they will book you in advance so that you remain working.

Good Pay

Pay ranges from $150-300 per shift or more depending on the market and number of babies involved. There is definitely good earning potential and the value of rest and peace of mind is priceless.

Career Training Available

Even if you have no infant experience, ICT Academy offers a comprehensive Newborn Specialist Baby Nurse Training and mentor program that gives you the support and skills to become confident in providing top notch care for infants.

Make a Difference at a Special Time

There are few times in life more special than bringing a new baby home for the first time. New parents are often anxious, nervous, excited, worried and sleep deprived to name a few. As a Baby Nurse, you will offer that much needed support and guidance to make the transition to parenthood smooth and enjoyable for the family and the baby alike.

Job Market is Growing

As the economy grows, more and more families are taking advantage of the support provided by a newborn care specialist. They see the value in personal education, support, and sleep! More and more families are hiring newborn nannies all over the United States and beyond.

Opportunities for Advancement

Once you've mastered newborn care, you can move on to multiples care specialties, breastfeeding/lactation support, new parent education classes or personal visits, sleep training consultations and much more!

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